Olivetti Factory, photohistory
Design, Rationale and Objectives
Steering Committee
Participating Institutions
List of Investigators and Staff
Institutions and Collaborating Centers
Research Milestones
Databank, Biologic Materials
Databank, Genetic Materials
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Policy for Scientific Collaborations


Department of Clinical & Experimental Medicine, Federico 2nd Medical School University of Naples , Naples, Italy
(Responsible person and Chief of the Steering Committee: Pasquale Strazzullo, Professor of Internal Medicine)

Clinical Sciences Research Institute, Warwick Medical School, Coventry, UK
(Francesco P. Cappuccio, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and Epidemiology, previously at St. George’s Medical School, University of London)

Department of Social and Preventive Sciences, Federico 2nd Medical School University of Naples, Italy
(Eduardo Farinaro, Full Professor and Chief of Department of Preventive Medical Sciences)

Unit of Epidemiology and Population Genetics, Institute of Food Sciences, National Research Council, Avellino, Italy
(Alfonso Siani, Chief of Research )